Cincy Pinball
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Strong Finish Strong Finish
Earned for getting a league high score on a machine in the final meet of a season.

Introduced 09/01/2011

Players With This Badge (21)

PlayerDate Earned
Lisa Patterson 03/16/2019
Ken Guenther03/31/2018
Ken McIntosh03/31/2018
Rob Uzzolino 03/31/2018
Mallori Patrick03/31/2018
Larry Smith03/31/2018
Mark Pegram03/31/2018
Ben Patrick03/31/2018
Doug Bollinger 03/31/2018
Brian Coney03/31/2018
Bill Walborn 03/31/2018
Casey Rice03/25/2017
Pat Green03/25/2017
Mark Combs03/25/2017
Scott Weir03/25/2017
Matt Gauslin03/25/2017
Erik Wurtenberger03/25/2017
Pete Lahrmann03/25/2017
Larry Scott03/25/2017
Phoebe Smith03/25/2017
Don Enyon 03/25/2017