Cincy Pinball
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Groundhog Day Groundhog Day
Earned for keeping the same ladder position for 3 consecutive meets.

Introduced 05/15/2012

Players With This Badge (17)

PlayerDate Earned
Kevin Holland11/18/2023
Pete Lahrmann11/12/2022
Rob Uzzolino 02/12/2022
Casey Rice11/13/2021
Linsey Rogers11/13/2021
Mark Combs02/15/2020
Lyn Richardson01/04/2020
Larry Schmidlin01/04/2020
Lisa Patterson 11/02/2019
Mark Pegram11/17/2018
Ben Patrick11/17/2018
Doug Hanselman11/17/2018
Larry Smith10/06/2018
Brent Stiles11/18/2017
Jake Braunstein 11/18/2017
Chris Braunstein11/18/2017
Bill Walborn 09/03/2017